Vampire, Secret Agent, and Rockin' Goth Girl


High Concept: Vampire Provocateur
Trouble: Misfit Betwixt Worlds
Other Aspects: Let the Music do the Talking
Survivors Guilt
Team Player
By the Numbers
Chroniclers Dues

Description: At 5’1" tall, and maybe 110 lbs, Mara has a body and look of any athletic teenage girl the world over. Her pale complexion, contrasting against pitch black hair, and eyes reminiscent of softly glowing embers. She sports several piercings, (ears 4 each, eyebrow, nose, lower lip, tongue, belly button, and a couple “other” locations she has coyly hinted at), but she seems to have the fore thought, or maybe better to say she has the “fashion sense”, to not wear all the metal she could all the time. Or as she would say, “I like to have options”.
In somewhat contrast, to many of todays youth though, she sports but one tattoo, on her left forearm, the numbers 173654, with a Z and the greek letter delta(triangle) below the numbers.

The following analysis for the Athenaeums files, was compiled by Chronicler K. Graham

Mara (not her True Name), was born on Sept. 23rd, 1924, in the Romanian village of Danesti, cradled in a deep wide valley of the Transylvanian Alps. Her childhood, was about as uneventful as anyone can imagine. By what few accounts that can be gotten, she was very shy. (something this Chronicler finds very difficult to comprehend) This shyness seemed to evaporated though when it came to the arts, a talent no doubt from her mothers side of the family. (Her mother was of Romani decent, an ethnic group living mostly in Europe, who trace their origins to medieval India. Most commonly refered to as Gypsies.) Music seems to have been, (and still seems to be) her favorite, but painting, theatre and dance also seem to have been just as enjoyable for her. This carefree existence however was quickly reaching its end.
Once Romania enters World War II on the side of the Axis in 1940, specific information seems to stop. Based on what we know of the Holocaust, and Maras refusal to speak on the matter, I think it would be safe to say, it was not good. Three bits of information can be found though. Prisoner 173654 Z Delta (see above notes on tattoo) was captured in Jasi in March 1940….on Dec 24th 1941,0600hrs prisoner 173654 Z Delta was loaded on to a transport, and again on Dec 24th at 2348hrs, Prisoner 173654 Z Delta was killed while trying to escape. Yea Right! Jews in these camps were killed without warning and in the most brutal matter. On the date in question, one hundred and fifty young women were told that they would travel to go work in German hospitals. They were brought to the forest, where they were killed and raped. I believe Mara to be the only survivor of this particular war crime. Though she refuses to speak on her life during those years, she does admit to waking, and digging herself from a mass grave on Dec. 28th of 1941. I thought of researching the Romainian Armies records, to find a lead on any surviving officials or guards from the camps, or the army unit stationed near there at the time, but unsurprising, none of them seemed to have survived beyound 1948. According to Romani legend, during the war years, and beyound, former Iron Guard and Nazis were hunted and killed for their deeds by a Morii, a Romanian legend…a living vampire, and apparent protector of the gypse clans, but I digress, and will do more research on the Morii later.
Mara doesn’t seem to appear to history again, until 1949, when she is predominately occupied, helping Jews escape europe to their new homeland in Isreal (confirmed by Mr. Clay), only to disappear again in 1951. (Assumed to be when she began her career as a Mossad Agent.) Only coming back in from the shadows 3 months ago, at the scene of Danut Dimirs (Patron of House Dimir of the White Court) untimely and uber-violent passing.


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